Simple Seasonal Table Decors with Minimal Pieces

For me, the table centerpieces are often an afterthought. I typically go for big things, like accent walls, BUT the table is a great and affordable way to add some pizzazz or holiday spirit to your home. I wanted to share a few ideas that are simple and inexpensive. All items I purchased are from Hobby Lobby and they are ALL on sale - 40% or more off. I am sure you can find inspiration from other stores, like Michaels, At Home, Home Goods, etc.

The following basic pieces were used:


Core items: Serving board, 2 candle holders, and a simple vase. Or another option is a tiered serving platter (these scream farmhouse).

Round Dinner Serving Board:

4 key items: floral stems, decorative item, 2 candles


The details -

You can purchase this type of board at many home stores and there are so many different styles. I got this one at Hobby Lobby (for 40% off) at $11.99! I decided to go with a simple wood board and it has rounded beaded handles, which is a cute touch. I add a piece of floral to the basic, sleek, white vase - the floral can change with the season or match your room color scheme. For the candle holders, select candles that fit the season/color scheme, I chose 1 large and 1 smaller. Follow this with the selection of a decorative board or decorative item, and last but not least (and optional), add some touches of greenery for accents. My table is wood and the board is wood, so I decided to purchase a piece of fabric to separate the two. My mom was kind of enough to stitch it together (like a flat pillow) to smooth the edges. For the fall base accent,, I went with loose leaves ($3.50 at Hobby Lobby) and for Christmas, I used a poinsettia place-mat.

By the way, decorating these and shopping at Hobby Lobby got me in the Christmas mood. It is the most wonderful time of the year, after-all! LEKOCH sent me these absolutely adorable, bamboo tableware that are made from natural materials - bamboo fibre mixed with other plant-based elements. They are 100% biodegradable. Check them out here, they’re currently on sale! The best time to start shopping for Christmas is yesterday! I will definitely be using these for yummy desserts during the holidays.

Tiered Serving Platter

This one offers you a chance to showcase every pumpkin/fall item or Christmas item you can find. Add the same greenery to each tier and it ties it all together and gives uniformity (if that makes any sense). I think its best to have varying levels of pieces (i.e. the higher trees mixed with the lower pine-cone) and to have boards with wording. This tiered platter was a steal at Hobby Lobby too ($12).

I hope this gave you some good/new ideas for your table centerpieces. Table decor and mantles stress me out, but breaking it down like this helped! This is a simple yet eye catching centerpiece. For the tiered platter, just have fun with it, and remember to have one item that is consistent throughout each tier to tie it all together.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so drop a comment below if you love it, hate it, or have some cool ideas!! Thanks for reading, XOXO!

DIY(ish) Push Pin Map

IMG_5314 (1).JPG

I tried to do a push pin map a couple times before, but both attempts were a fail. The first time I used a cork board, the second time, I used a canvas (oh and 1 attempt just using a vinyl sticky map to the wall, but I kept hitting studs). My friend recently shared her push pin map and she gave me the genius idea to use a FOAM board!!!! I wanted to share with you how I did mine and also how she did hers (which is an even more budget friendly way). It’s definitely a statement piece and makes for an excellent gift.

First I want to explain what a push pin map is, in case you have never heard of or seen one. It is a map that has a key (the key can vary), that essentially displays where you have traveled/lived. My key shows where I have traveled, where Paul has traveled, where the family has traveled, and where we plan to go. I added a few extra pin colors (not on the key) of dreams places (white) and my mom wanted to add her places she has traveled to (pink).

Let’s get to it!

What to get:

  1. Frame based on size - I chose 24 x 36 frame purchased from Michaels. The frame happened to be 70% off, so only $17 (originally $50). They always have coupons, so may sure you check their site before you go.

  2. Map -

    I purchased a digital file from Etsy. There are a ton of great ones on Etsy, so just search. The seller I used has multiple options. Cheaper non-custom printed idea is here from Amazon.

  3. Push Pins - Purchased mine for $6 on amazon, these are cute too if you want a more uniformed look.

  4. Foam board - I cheated and had the copy company print my board mounted on a foam board. This is more costly, so if you want to save money, see Quiana’s post.

  5. A cute helper (Optional - my son insisted on helping)

How to do it in 5 steps:

1 . Purchase the map (digital files are less expensive)


2. Print the map - As mentioned above, I had my map printed at a copy center (FEDEX - make sure you search for coupons) and mounted on a foam board

3. Frame the board - I ended up having to trim my board. I used a kitchen knife. My exacto knife was a bit dull and so were my scissors. Had I mounted it myself, I could have just trimmed the map then glued it to the board.

4. Start pinning! Its best to have a color pin for each key category.

5. Hang that beautiful board. Don’t forget to keep updating it as you travel.


After completing this, I realize, there are so many places that I must go, like most of the eastern hemisphere.

Head over to check out my friend’s pin map, here!

If you have any questions or try this, please share it with me!!!! As always, thanks for reading. XX

DIY Rustic Fire Pit


Our former house was in the burbs of the burb, and just had an unplugged feel. We had a HUGE backyard, and I had this dream of doing a backyard fire pit area that had a bonfire feel. My husband and I managed to pull this off and it turned out great! We had so many memories around our bonfire fire pit, so I wanted to share how we did this. It was fairly easy and budget friendly.

Here is the supply list, all items from Home Depot (but could be purchased from Lowes as well):

Here is how we did it:

  1. Make the circle -

Find the perfect spot, then find the center of that spot. From that center point, measure the same distance to the edge of the circle from that point. Use the spray marker to mark each point you measure as the outline for creating the circle. Once you have done this several times, complete the circle with the marker, and begin to dig the grass. The depth is dependent upon your preference. We did not dig very deep, approx 6-8 inches deep. Once the grass was dug up, we began to pat the dirt (clay) with the garden hoe to make it level.

2. Form the Fire pit -

We measured the weed barrier for all parts, excluding the part where the fire pit would go. We began to start the fire pit circle using the concrete wall blocks. We had previously measured out how big we wanted the fire pit based on the size of the wall blocks and the fire pit bowl. We just places the wall blocks next to each other then started the next row, until we reached the third and final row. Then lay the weed barrier down.

3. Place the edgers on the edge and lay the pea pebbles-

We placed the edgers around the edge (honestly we winged this part, and fortunately it worked out). You can measure the size of the edgers and estimate how many you need based on the size of the circle. We then laid down the sand into all parts, including the center of the fire pit. Then we laid the pea pebbles down in all areas excluding the fire pit center. We purchased about 7 bags of these. You can always add more of these down the road.


4. The bowl -

If you decide to add the bowl, the one we purchased comes with the leg options, but it was so affordable. All you have to do is not add the legs and set the bowl inside of the fire pit. Nothing further is required. It may see unstable, but the fire pit last through many storms and hurricane with no issues.


5. Enjoy -

Lastly, get some wood and fire starter and create memories!!!


In our new house, we have a gas fire pit that we purchased. It is not as fun and it does not smell as good, but our yard is not as big as it was in the old house. We could have made a smaller diameter area, but since we upgraded our patio to include the gas line, we decided to go the route we have now.

I won’t lie, it was hard manual work, but we saved more money than purchasing a fire pit kit and we got to design how I envisioned. You can customize it by choosing different concrete and stone selections or by adding decor like chairs, etc.


Oh and the chairs we added are here. I purchased the teal color as it’s my favorite color. All and all I just want to encourage you to create memories with your family/friends. This bonfire provided just that. Not only is it extra special because we got to hang around it, but we made it.

As always, thank you for reading!!!! I hope these steps make sense. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, email me, or DM me on Instagram.


The Office: T-Shaped Desk

I have had the pleasure of working from home the last few years. It does have some downfalls, like I often feel isolated, but I think the benefit of not having to go into an office daily and the flexibility of working from home outweighs the alternative. I am a firm believer that you must have a designated space for work. As of recently, my husband and his team were able to pitch a plan to work from home a couple days per week. This went from 2 days per week, to now 3 (sometimes this varies).

My office (at our new house) is tiny, so we had to be creative. We wanted to come up with a solution where we can both have working space in the office. Eventually this will be a good working space for the boys. I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and liked the idea of a T-shaped desk. I started shopping around to see if I could find one, went to Ikea for inspiration, but nothing really was what I had in mind. That is when I decided to do a rough sketch of what I had in mind. I felt like Joanna Gaines lol, except Paul is no Chip in terms of his handyman skills. With the help of the Nextdoor app, we were able to find a couple contractors. I ended up choosing The Handy Hun. He was very professional and had strong references. He also was reasonably priced.

I picked out all materials and the plan began to set in motion. The pictures tell a better story of how the install went.

As a way to save on prices, we used to wood textured Formica for the actual top of the desk. The rest is real wood. I think eventually we may swap it out for a slab of wood. Although the wood alternatives, are somewhat easier to maintain as you do not have to worry about things messing up the service.


Initially the “wood” inspired top we had selected was too busy (see above photo). Thankfully, the contractor was very patient and determined to ensure I was satisfied. We drove out to the counter top store to make the selection as it can be difficult looking at the small swatches, much better in person.

And voila!!!

All in all, I am very pleased with the design. Now we just have to make sure we can work together in this office haha. My husband is loving it. Me….it’s cool, sometimes distracting, definitely an adjustment. He beats a coworker and it gives us quality time together throughout the day.

Yep the photo behind me is crooked and still is in the plastic and still has factory photos. The office is still a work in progress. By the way, I love sitting in my new office and enjoying a cup of coffee in my  @PineappleHeadDesignCo  mug.

Yep the photo behind me is crooked and still is in the plastic and still has factory photos. The office is still a work in progress. By the way, I love sitting in my new office and enjoying a cup of coffee in my @PineappleHeadDesignCo mug.

Could you work with your significant other? IF you have any specific design questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Wood Plank Accent Wall


I love the wood plank accent wall look. There are so many ways that you can achieve this look. I am all about easy and cost efficient and so I wanted to share how I chose to do it. (Note: I have linked all supplies I purchased below). Steps listed below -

  • Measure the wall - width x length. This will help to determine how much wood you need.

  • I went to Home Depot and purchased sanded plywood. You may be wondering why I chose this? I love the idea of pallet but trying to find it at cost was a challenge, especially as much as I need, or to purchase it was going to be costly. The pallet boards seems to be the most common route and gives amazing looks. The plywood is thin and light, which was a perk for me, and only $22.

  • Cut the boards before leaving the store. At Home Depot (and Lowes), they will cut the boards for you at no additional cost. I had them cut the 48 inch wide (x 96 in) boards evenly into 4 inches (I recommend doing 4-6 inches, unless you like the thinner look) which gave me (12)- 96 inch long boards. These will be required to be cut again by length depending on how long you want the boards, but not yet at this point. I purchased an extra board than I actually needed so that I had room to experiment with the blended stains.

  • I purchased 4 stains , a mask, gloves, liquid nails, and sponge brushes. I decided to go with a dark brown, red brown, light-ish brown and a grey. (See below supply list for exact ones used)

  • Over several weeks, I began to stain each board. I started with staining a set of each board with the solid stain - about 10 -15 of each solid stain color. I did this outside due to the toxicity related issues of the stain and I did not have a well ventilated area of the house that had restricted access to my son. From there, I started blending the stains in a separate plastic container. It’s ideal to have lid if you are doing this over several days/weeks like I did for preservation purposes.

  • Once the staining is done on the boards, I needed a plan to get them on the wall. I ended up hiring a guy that I found on the street, literally. I was in a new community and went outside and asked around for someone who could help. This was risky, but my builder did good work and seemingly hired skilled men, and at the time I did not know where else to go. He was great and I wish I did not lose his contact information :(.

  • He cut the boards utilizing an electric saw while I sanded the edges. I directed him on the board placement. The idea in my mind was to vary the boards by color, not have too many of the same together but allow this to happen on an occasion. He used the liquid nails to get them up, then secured the corners with tiny nails via a nail gun.

Supplies in summary-

  1. 1 qt each of 3-4 canes of stain - I used Jacobean, Red Oak, Grey, and Weathered Oak. I could not find the brand I used but those linked are same colors in a similarly priced brand.

  2. Sanded plywood, I purchased 6 similar to here

  3. Mask

  4. Well ventilated space (outdoor or a garage maybe?)

  5. Gloves

  6. Electric saw that is capable of cutting thin wood, the contractors as similar to here

  7. Sand paper

  8. 5 -8 sponges (Note: Use 1 sponge per color prepared)

  9. Plastic container for mixing (paper bowls or tupperware works fine)

  10. Liquid Nails

This project was a lot of work, but I was so happy and proud of the results. I plan to do an accent wall similar in my current home as well, I think in my gameroom, so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by!


PS: I know we are in dire need of a new master bedroom comforter set lol. I ordered a new one when we moved not realizing our bed is actually a California king size so the king set is too small.

Faux Brick Wall - White Washed


Let me start by saying, this project’s results were not my favorite, but I am still working on making it exactly how I want. Despite this, I still wanted to share it, because I have gotten lots of questions about it. I am hoping that the mistakes I made can help someone make it better. Or maybe you love it just as it is.

I LOVE home projects (I get ambitious and sometimes this stresses my husband out) and I especially LOVE textured walls. My original idea was to install bricks on the wall in my master, but I have slight issues with doing something that requires such long-term commitment. It also just seems so heavy to install on a wall (yes, I know it’s perfectly fine to go on a wall, if done properly). I even considered thin brick veneers. I know me though, and eventually, I will want to change it, this still seemed too permanent. So I went to Pinterest to get some ideas - white washed faux brick wall paneling was the winner. I had installed brick panels in my old house game-room, but I did not want to leave it red as my current color scheme in my master is a light and airy pallet. This is low commitment, as the panels are easy to install and easy to remove.  

Tools used for install:

  • Kingston Brick Hardboard Wall Panel purchased from home depot - $28

  • 4 bottles of liquid nails per panel

  • Saw to cut the panels (Note: Do not forget to cut holes for the power outlet)

  • Nail gun and nails for added security (used mostly in the corners and middle)

  • Caulk – I used white

  • Small sponge (to smooth the caulk)

Supplies For white wash:

  • Rigged towel

  • White or a variation of white paint (My color is not full on white, I think it’s called Shark in the lightest shade)

  • Sponge roller

  • Bucket of water

What I would do different?

For starters, I would have purchased a darker brick panel. Lowes sells these - Embossed Red Brick Hardboard Wall Panel. They are slightly more at $34 per panel. I think the darker panel would give me better contrast and look better with the white wash. Next mistake, I applied a thin-ish coat of paint, but it dried quickly.  After sponging this on, I tried to wash off the paint but it was very challenging to get the paint off. Next time I would mix the paint with water, then apply. I would still use the rigged towel to remove some of the paint.


I am going to keep the panels up for now, but I would like to somehow create more contrast between the bricks. I have seen a few ideas that I found on Pinterest to help me achieve greater contrast. I will share an update once I figure it out and find the time to do it.

I hope you enjoy this post. If you have any more questions regarding the actual install, please feel free to reach out or leave a comment below.