Simple Seasonal Table Decors with Minimal Pieces

For me, the table centerpieces are often an afterthought. I typically go for big things, like accent walls, BUT the table is a great and affordable way to add some pizzazz or holiday spirit to your home. I wanted to share a few ideas that are simple and inexpensive. All items I purchased are from Hobby Lobby and they are ALL on sale - 40% or more off. I am sure you can find inspiration from other stores, like Michaels, At Home, Home Goods, etc.

The following basic pieces were used:


Core items: Serving board, 2 candle holders, and a simple vase. Or another option is a tiered serving platter (these scream farmhouse).

Round Dinner Serving Board:

4 key items: floral stems, decorative item, 2 candles


The details -

You can purchase this type of board at many home stores and there are so many different styles. I got this one at Hobby Lobby (for 40% off) at $11.99! I decided to go with a simple wood board and it has rounded beaded handles, which is a cute touch. I add a piece of floral to the basic, sleek, white vase - the floral can change with the season or match your room color scheme. For the candle holders, select candles that fit the season/color scheme, I chose 1 large and 1 smaller. Follow this with the selection of a decorative board or decorative item, and last but not least (and optional), add some touches of greenery for accents. My table is wood and the board is wood, so I decided to purchase a piece of fabric to separate the two. My mom was kind of enough to stitch it together (like a flat pillow) to smooth the edges. For the fall base accent,, I went with loose leaves ($3.50 at Hobby Lobby) and for Christmas, I used a poinsettia place-mat.

By the way, decorating these and shopping at Hobby Lobby got me in the Christmas mood. It is the most wonderful time of the year, after-all! LEKOCH sent me these absolutely adorable, bamboo tableware that are made from natural materials - bamboo fibre mixed with other plant-based elements. They are 100% biodegradable. Check them out here, they’re currently on sale! The best time to start shopping for Christmas is yesterday! I will definitely be using these for yummy desserts during the holidays.

Tiered Serving Platter

This one offers you a chance to showcase every pumpkin/fall item or Christmas item you can find. Add the same greenery to each tier and it ties it all together and gives uniformity (if that makes any sense). I think its best to have varying levels of pieces (i.e. the higher trees mixed with the lower pine-cone) and to have boards with wording. This tiered platter was a steal at Hobby Lobby too ($12).

I hope this gave you some good/new ideas for your table centerpieces. Table decor and mantles stress me out, but breaking it down like this helped! This is a simple yet eye catching centerpiece. For the tiered platter, just have fun with it, and remember to have one item that is consistent throughout each tier to tie it all together.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so drop a comment below if you love it, hate it, or have some cool ideas!! Thanks for reading, XOXO!