I Flat Ironed My Hair After Getting a DevaCut

After months of deliberating and researching (via social media), I decided to take the plunge and get the DevaCut. A DevaCut is a method of cutting curly hair that provides shape to your hair in it’s natural state. The cut is done on dry hair with minimal product added and each individual curl is shaped. The benefit of this cut, is if you have different textures, I have 3, this gives the best shape. The part that was hard for me regarding this method of cut, is due to the fact that I flat iron my hair from time to time (about once every 3-4 months). This is an uneven cut, so I felt that I had to be committed to not flat ironing it. (Granted, if you read my last hair blog, my hair did not really need the heat on it any way). It is also just very hard for me to cut my hair in general and I am not even sure I have valid explanation for this. I will say that I am glad I went through with the cut. I went to Emma, a DevaCut/Natural Hair specialist, with Sweet Styles Natural. I wanted a more subtle approach for my first time, so she cut most of the dead ends, took a little off the bottom, and gave me longer layers with a long side bang. Removing the bad ends, helped me to detangle my perpetually tangled hair with more ease.

A few months later, I became curious as to how it would look straight. I recently took a trip to Vegas, and was adamant about not checking my bags, therefore it would be difficult to bring my products and diffuser. I typically allow it to air dry, but that takes quite a few hours. In the winter, I tend to use the diffuser a bit more due to the fact that cold weather and wet hair do not mix. I decided this trip was a good excuse to get a flat iron. It is also, always a joy to see my stylist Nyoka with Nyoka Gregory Beauty. She has been straightening my hair for years.

I have a DevaCut trim set for March (way overdue), so I did not want to get it trimmed while straightened, which is what I would typically do. I had some very fuzzy ends hanging, so she did cut them, so that things would not look too wild back there. She added some curls too just to make it look better. Overall, it was not as choppy as I expected. The ends are not very even while straight, whereas prior to DevaCut, it was straight across, but I think it looked okay and as I said, keeping it curled helped it look better. The pictures tell more of the story, so check them out.

If you are on the fence about getting a DevaCut, you should just do it. The cut does not have to be too extreme. I wear my hair more natural than flat ironed so it made sense to give it the best shape in it’s natural state. As always, thanks for reading….or looking at the pictures :).