I Got Pregnant and My Hair Changed, For the Worst

My second pregnancy in general was a struggle. The most unexpected change was my hair. It was harder to untangle, extremely dry, unable to absorb hair products, and it was as if it changed textures. I started to notice things going downhill around 5 weeks into my pregnancy, which was before I even had confirmation that I was pregnant. Around this time, I went to Austin (yes I drive 2.5 hours) to get my hair colored, by the amazing Shelly Rodriguez. I had no idea I was pregnant (I will save that story for another post), otherwise I would’ve at least waited until the 2nd or 3rd trimester. I am not entirely sure that was the source of my turmoil because it was already misbehaving by the time I sat in the chair for coloring. Once I confirmed pregnancy, I decided no more hair coloring until after the pregnancy.

The second pregnancy   Photo taken by My Unique Picture

The second pregnancy

Photo taken by My Unique Picture

 As my pregnancy progressed, it continued to get more difficult to manage. The majority of the time, I kept my hair slicked back or in lose high buns. After I had the baby, my hair was still…terrible, worse even. I decided to visit a natural stylist to get a Deva cut and to see if I could get some hair tips. In addition to my hair desperately needing the cut, she recommended a product to use for weekly deep conditioning, and to detangle my hair on a daily basis. Despite it being very difficult to invest that much time in my hair, having a newborn and an active toddler, I did the best I could to adhere to her recommendations.  My hair was still unmanageable. I sought out advice from my natural hair friends and it seemed the consensus was to adjust my diet, drink more water, and it may be attributed to hormones and age. I had a good feeling that it was most likely hormones. I had hoped after the pregnancy hormones wore off, it would be better, but I am still breastfeeding.

You may be wondering if it has gotten any better? And the answer to that is, YES, thankfully. It is not 100% back, but it is easier to manage and the curls are trying to pop through again. Here is what has helped:

  1. Low dose estrogen birth control (Note: It is not usually advised while breastfeeding but I had a HUGE oversupply that has caused many issues, so the doctor recommended to get my supply under control. It definitely effects your milk supply.)

  2. Low dose estrogen birth control (Note: You may be wondering if I put this twice by mistake, but nope, just re-iterating)

  3. Low dose estrogen birth control (Note: You may be wondering if I put this here a third time by mistake, but nope, just making sure you got it. Somehow it has balanced my hormones. Other than the hair benefits, I am not a fan of the pill.)

  4. I have upped my water intake

  5. I have increased my intake of veggies & fruit

  6. I think time has helped. Something about passing 6 months of breastfeeding that things get easier in general. Maybe it helped the hormones balance out more.

  7. Steam treatments - I only do this twice a month, but I really think it helps.

  8. During this time, I have continued on my quest for great hair products. Most of the time, I use Organic Grow Hair Co products specifically for high porosity hair. (Note: I have quite a few products in my rotation #productjunkie #Curl-lockHolmes)

  9. No hair coloring (so hard and makes me sad)

  10. Low dose estrogen birth control (Note: You may be wondering why I put this here again, but I really needed a 10th item to make the list feel complete. Plus I think it is primarily what has helped. Probably the only good thing birth control has done.)

My current hair state   Photo taken by Lacy Dagerath Photography

My current hair state

Photo taken by Lacy Dagerath Photography

If there is anything I have learned from pregnancy or from just being a woman, in general, is that hormones can do some crazy things! I know it’s just hair, but our hair speaks in the most subtle way, it matters. It’s a billion dollar industry (I think), so I am not the only one who cares this much. Anyway, I am hoping to have a great report for you all in the future. Has anyone else experienced texture changes like this during or after pregnancy?