Tips to Find The Best Flight Deals

I just wanted to share a few tips on how to find the best deals on flights for your next trip. It would be great to have an airline connection, that’s the best way, but we do not. We make the most of it though by taking advantage of following:

  • Search the airline low fare calendars

    It’s best to plan travel without having an EXACT date in mind. If you can narrow it down to a month, head over to the airlines, search their low fare calendars and choose dates based on the lowest fares.

  • Purchase/Book your trip on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

    From what I have read, booking on a Tuesday at midnight is the lowest, but honestly not even sure the timezone. Usually airlines release their discounts on Monday and by Tuesday, the deals are low and airlines are competing for lower rates. It seems booking 21 days ahead or 3 months ahead seem to give the best deals!

  • Plan to depart or arrive on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. or Saturday

    Flying out or in on one of the dates above, is a great way to find good deals. I know people are probably side eyeing my Saturday, but I have found some of the best deals on Saturday.

  • Sign up for a reward program and let the points stack

    The miles add up, save them, and use them! If you sign up for a credit card, that is an even quicker way to stack up on points. Through the credit card programs, they give you additional ways to earn flights even faster.

  • Use a flight deal scanner app/website

    Apps that scan airlines, looking for best deals and flight glitches are really worth taking advantage of. The few apps/sites that I frequent are: Skyscanner, Hopper, Google, Secret Flying, and Hitlist. I am sure there a great deal more, so feel free to share them (drop a comment below). If you are local to Houston, like me, checkout

  • Travel to destinations during the off season

    This one is pretty self explanatory, but booking flights and even hotels to destinations when it is not a popular time to venture there, you can often find really good deals.

  • Fly hub to hub

    A hub city is where an airline’s operations and facilities are located. Nonstop flights tend to be cheaper and airlines frequently fly from hub to hub throughout the day. I have found that these tickets are lowest. For instance, flying from here to phoenix on Southwest, both of which are hubs, I find the lowest rates, often times under $100 each way.

  • Flights during the school semesters are lower

    Airlines crank up the flight fares during summer, spring break (esp to spring break destinations), and holidays. It is really unfair because flying with kids is expensive within itself, but hey, its a business and sadly that’s just how it goes.

  • Take advantage of airline specials

    Southwest does a big one twice a year (give or take a sale). I have seen united and american do them around holidays like fathers day. I feel Southwest has the BEST sales with seriously low fares, and United has great last minute flight deals. I recommend signing up for email notifications through your preferred airline(s) so you can be the first to know of these deals.

I hope I did not overload you with these tips, but they really do help! If you know any other tips, please share them!!!

Thanks for reading, xoxo