Favorite Baby/Tot Travel Accessories

I have said it before and I will say it again, traveling with small kids can be TOUGH. It is important to try to make traveling with baby and/or toddler as easy as possible! The pack will never be light, but make sure you pack with purpose. I am sharing my favorite travel accessories for traveling with baby or toddler.


Bjorn travel crib - This has been a game changer. We first were using a playard and Blake hated it. He is extremely picky about where he sleeps. He was up all night off and on and it made us very tired parents on the trip. My big sister was kind enough let me borrow her travel crib to see if it made a difference and it totally has!!! He slept almost the entire night like he does at home. It comes in a bag that is ready to travel, and includes a mattress and sheet. Totally top of my list because getting sleep is super important!


Portable potty - When your kiddos are learning to potty, they can sometimes be picky where they potty. For the longest, Ethan would only pee on a small (Ethan size) potty. I used to carry the seat, but he was not comfortable on the big pot. My big sister, again, shared these portable potties and they are amazing as you can use them at home, on the road, and on the go.


Portable jumper & playard - The jumper is amazing for you to keep your little entertained, whether in the hotel room or on out on the beach. It even has a sun shade. The playard has saved our lives at Ethan’s soccer games and we cannot wait to take it on our first trip. Both of these come in bags and are quick set up and take down.

Stroller bag - The bag people at the airport, do not care about your stuff. There is just too much of them and they have to move to quickly to show each item tender care, so I don’t blame them. I found this bag to be extremely handy, not only to protect the car seat, but also it is great to transport your car seat as it has wheels and a pull on it. This is probably not right, but we even sneak extra items that cannot fit into our bags into this carseat bag.


Ergo 360 baby carrier - We use this for almost everything. Babies like to be close and sometimes it is just easier to wear baby vs strolling baby around, especially in instances where there are large crowds. I specifically like this one because it is slightly more ergonomically friendly than other carries, and you can wear baby in multiple ways. It also lasts for a long time, up to 45 lbs. We have the one linked. It is similar to the one photographed below.


Lightweight stroller - In some instances, we do like to use the stroller. Plus it is nice to access the storage at the bottom. I specifically noted lightweight as these tend to be easier to open, close, and store. We have a Maclaren Triumph, which is basically a fancy umbrella stroller, and a Harmony Urban Deluxe. I am not sure they still sell those anymore, but its been with us on some good trips. It is something between a standard stroller and an umbrella stroller.


Backpack diaper bag - These are easier on the back and for on the go! Plus they tend to be more gender neutral, so my husband does not mind carrying it. I linked one similar to the one we use.


Medela quick clean steam sanitizing bags - I use these for not only pump parts, but also bottles, pacifiers, and baby toys. The steps are easy to follow and allow you to sanitize your baby stuff in just 3 minutes. Most hotel rooms come with a microwave so this is perfect for on the go.


Munchkin Arm & hammer pack wipes - When you do not have water, and you need to clean something small, these are perfect. I use these for pacifiers, toys, and any other small items. It is very safe way to clean and sanitize baby/toddler items with no harsh chemicals.


Medela pump cleaning wipes - I use these for larger items and when I do not have access to sink. I use them for breast pump parts, restaurant high chairs, changing tables, toys, bottles, and so much more. They are unscented, alcohol free, and bleach free. Winning!


I’d love to hear what some of your favorite travel accessories are for your littles!


Thanks for reading.