Cool Hair Gadgets & Things for Natural/Curly Hair

Natural hair is hard, especially to say its..natural. Much like how natural breastfeeding is, it’s great, but its not easy, it’s a labor of love! There are a few things that I have discovered along the way to help make things a little easier or manageable that I wanted to share.

First up, let’s talk detangling. I love using the denman brush or a variation of it. It combs through the hair without combing the curls completely out. In fact, on my hair, it makes them look really nice and springy, so it’s something you can even use as part of the last step in your wash n go process. It does not have the balls at the end of the epoxy balls at the end of each bristles. Those are supposed to protect the scalp from abrasions, but my hair gets caught up in them. These bristles are soft and glide through the hair nicely without disturbing the scalp.


Since we are discussing brushes, another brush I like is the tangle teezer. Like the denman, it really combs through the curls nicely. I do not find it as a good detangling brush, but it’s great to use after you have combed it through with a wide toothed comb as it puts the spring back in the curls.

I have shared this before, but I LOVE my steamer. I wish I could use it more and will plan to go back to using it regularly. I noticed a huge difference in the hydration of my hair when I was using it on a weekly basis. Check out this article that details the 5 benefits of steaming natural hair. This is my favorite out of the entire list.


In the winter, especially, a diffuser is critical. I have 2. The DevaCurl one, that is really just too fancy for me to even understand how to use (smile) and a “drug store” ceramic diffuser (linking a similar one here). In addition to that, I have a universal diffuser piece that I use for travel, it fits okay on most hotel blow dryers. It fits much easier in a carry-on suitcase vs a full-on dryer with attachment. I am going to make an effort to use the DevaCurl diffuser/dryer more, and then I can give you a proper review. For now, I can endorse my “drug store'“ diffuser as it gets the job done. The key now is timing, I usually use it when my hair has had about 30 minutes or so to air dry. My hair is high porosity, so with products in it, it takes FOREVER to dry. It also helped when I had a blow dry lotion to help reduce frizz from drying (carol’s daughter made a great one, but it is discontinued, so sad). If you know of one, please message or drop a comment below. The best hair dryer I have ever used, is the DevaCurl professional dryer. I believe only salon professionals can access it, and I get to enjoy the goodness when I go get my hair professionally done by Emma of Sweet Natural Styles.

The good ol’ dome dryer is a must for me as well. When I do protein treatments or want to give my hair a really good deep condition, I use it (or steamer, but usually use the dome dryer 1-2 times a month). Plus if you decide you want to do a roller set or braid out, it’s nice to have these handy. Another thing they are handy for is for babies. When my youngest was an infant, he was a fussy one. The sound of the dryer and me holding him under it on low heat, was a perfect cocktail to soothe his fussiness.

Bonus if you’re into heat (haha), I love the wand. It gives the best ocean waves/curls, and they last long. I think it beats a curling iron, hands down.


What are some of your go-to hair gadgets/accessories? I’d love to check it out.

As always, thanks for reading! XOXO