My Versatile Apple Watch Band + Giveaway

I have never been a watch person, but as time passes, my appreciation for a watch grows. I not only value the functionality and convenience a watch adds, but I love using it as an accessory to style my outfits. I was invited to partner with JORD watches and was honestly blown away by the beauty of their unique wood timepieces and watch bands. As a busy, traveling mama, I rely on my watch quite a bit to help keep me on track. JORD is pronounced Yode, which is the Norse word for Earth. Their watches are a sophisticated mix of natural, reclaimed materials, sourced from all over the world.


The color I’ve really been into the last year or two has been grey! It’s neutral and it compliments so many different colors. For my beautiful leather apple watch band color choice, I decided to go with grey for that very reason. It’s something that I can wear each day no matter the activity or the fashion choice.

Speaking of activity, over the years I’ve used different affordable apple watch bands for different reasons. What I like about the JORD watch band is I’m able to wear it for just about everything - working out, daily errands, date night and the moments I get to dress in my fun formal attire. My JORD watch band just fits it all.

So what sets this band/brand apart? In my opinion:

  • The band enhances the aesthetic of my Apple Watch 

  • It fits all aspects of my lifestyle

  • There are many color and style options. (Grey leather is fabulous). If you really want to add spice and pizazz to your look, they have unique wood apple bands and watches for men and women that are exquisite!

  • It’s comfortable and has good movements.

  • It’s of quality craftsmanship. Despite using it on a daily basis with my active lifestyle, the leather remains intact without fraying like other brands I have tried.


Win $85 JORD Credit

Now here is the best part! I’m doing a giveaway with JORD! They are generous enough to give one lucky winner $85 that can be applied towards the purchase of an apple watch or a watch. Entering is super easy! All you have to do is head to this link, enter your name, email, and tell them what your favorite style is. The winner will be announced in about 2 weeks.